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Jan 30, 2017

It's time to tackle sports on Battle for the Ages! Andy has College and Greg has the Pros. Listen as some late hits and flagrant fouls are delivered in this instant classic.

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Jan 18, 2017

In a special bonus episode of Battle for the Ages, Andy and Greg debate three video game related topics. Battlefield vs Call of Duty, Sonic vs Mario, Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter, and Video Games vs Going Outside. Listen as Andy loses his already tenuous grasp on reality and laugh as he tumbles into a pit of...

Jan 9, 2017

We are back! In our first episode of 2017 it's two of the biggest action megastars of all time, Arnold Schwarzenegger vs Sylvester Stallone.


We tweaked the format a little bit and have dropped the opening statements as it really just slowed stuff down. Also don't forget to give us some stuff to argue about and follow...